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Hobby(s): Sketching, reading, writing, photography, singing, catching my TV shows(very rare), chatting, and Iím learning to play the guitar.
Music: Metal, Rock, Punk, and Pop.
Bands: Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Nickleback, 3 Doors Down, and Sean Paul.
Actors: Billy Boyd, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, and Thomas Felton.
Magazines: Seveteen, Teen People, YM, Anime Insider, Shonen Jump, People Magazine, Tiger Beat, and Movie Magic.
Characters: Melfina, Captain Jack Sparrow, Hatuko Haruhara, and Vash.
Anime/Manga: Outlaw Star, Trigun, Fooly Cooly, and Neon Genesis Evangelion.
TV Show(s): Cartoon Network, and Anime Unleashed.
Movie(s): Lord Of The Rings, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Seabiscut, and HP
Food(s): Mexican
Job: This summer I am starting my bagger-girl job at Safeway
School: Ninilchik High School (K-12)
My Best Friends of All Time: Nicole B (Snoogie), Kayla O, and Thomas S.
Status: Megiddo

I miss the old days, before this hatred haze. I have had bad days, but this tops these days. Iíve stopped my sacred searching, Iíve stopped my tears of giving. Iíve stopped my aching feeling, Iíve stopped my strained listening. Iíve got one last breath to say this, I do love you. I donít want you to miss, I donít want you to be blue. So please turn away, Iím gone today. My hands are cold, and my mind is blank. Oh mother old, I have sank. To the lowest space, I always thought about this day. Oh how I hate this rotten place, so please turn away. I donít want you to miss, I donít want you to be blue. Just because your daughter lost, this fight for the right to live. My hearts covered in frost, I have lost all hope to believe. It was a cost, my life to love. Iíve lost, my serenity glove. Please good god give me a chance, I remember the days you werenít here to wipe my eyes. I want a chance to dance, on the dark moon that cries. I want to die, oh please mother donít cry. I love you father, I love you sister. I love you mother, I love you heavenly father. Must I loose now? I used to know why. My life I know, is like blinding snow. Heavenly father, please grace my sister. Please grace my mother, please grace my father. Tell them I went to a better place, somewhere Iíll move on. Out in space, Iím moving on... I think about you father, I thought about my lover. We are so alike, Me and my Mike. No father, only a mother. A grouchy step-father, yes itĎs true father. I wanted a father, so did my lover. We both had a younger sister, to take care with our mother. I remember the days you werenít here, I remember the days I wished I was there. To hide in your arms, oh how I wished on stars. But the hard times have come, itís time for me to love... Everything... I want to be with you, I hate being blue. I want to be a trust, donít want to be crushed. Iím sick of waiting, Iím sick of hating. Come see me, please come meet me. Oh father of mine, itís time for you to shine. Come rescue me from this cold place, and take me to your big palace. I want to see the world outside, I hate being some kind of bribe. I know my mother disliked you, but please just once let me see you. Mother forbids it, my step-father hates it. I want to see you, for the first time too. Iím fifteen now, donít you know? I feel like Iíve lost you, although I never had you. Please father, please mother. Please understand, please hold my hand. Walk me through this, because this is what you doní t want to miss. Father, mother. I want to have a family, I donít want to fight you nightly. I have cried for so long, I want to know where I belong...


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Dec 31, 2003
The Poem a Faithful Lamb... (A poem inspired by: Megiddo, a friend that laid to be a great inspirational leap for me.)

The Poem a Faithful Lamb... (A poem inspired by: Megiddo, a friend that laid to be a great inspirational leap for me.)

I will let Jesus, God, my lords, my shepherds guide me through life.
I will try, I will do.
I will see, I will dream.
I will love, I will befriend.
I will be new, but I will learn.
I will be brittle, I will be willing.
I will live, but I will die.
I will grow strong, from lamb to sheep.
Then my place with be with my great lords, my shepherds.
For I am one of the faithful.

Posted at 01:00 pm by lichy_hatuko
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The True Story of a Night in The Light of a Knife... (No name change here.)

The True Story of a Night in The Light of a Knife... (No name change here.)

I was best friends with a girl named Madison, for about a year. I had been going over to her house a lot. I guess she became envious of my ďperfectĒ life, well because I got almost anything I wanted, except my father. So she decided to rub that in my face. I told her I was going to leave when she grabbed me and stabbed me in the right leg. I ripped myself free of her and landed in her closet. Blood was dripping all over my sleeping bag as well as her own. I tried to get up and grab my backpack off her bed when I tripped and fell over on top of her. I had split her lip with my elbow, she was yelling at me and trying to slash my face. I was pushing her hand away from me when my own knife went into my chin. She brought it out while I was stunned, I was screaming bloody murder as I watched my jeans soak up the blood. I couldnít feel my face, like it was frozen. I just couldnít feel anything, until she stabbed me in the chin a second time. This time it hurt. I had her throat when she brought it down again, this time it hit the place it went in first. And it stung, but I couldnít feel anything really. And I wasnít crying either, because it doesnít hurt, and it is not scary. It is just, you get the feeling like it doesnít matter, all you have to do is cause pain to the thing that did it to you. I grabbed at her hands, and she dropped the knife. Finally her parents burst through the bedroom door. I instantly said ďItís my fault, I fell over with the knife upwards. I was going to get the jar unstuck.Ē I lied, I lied about my leg, and they believed me. I never told them that it was cut. And I lied about not buying the knife. Because I had stolen it from the drugstore. Maddy had played along with me till her parents went to bed. No, at the time I didnít feel bad about lying, that was until she came at me again. She threw punches left and right, and I just sat there and took it. After a little while she asked why? Why I had sat there and let her beat me. And I said nothing, I just laughed. I laughed at the pain, I laughed at her ignorance. I just laughed, and I laughed hard. I thought she was so stupid, stupid because she thought she could hurt me. Hurt ME, the gang leader. She was oh so wrong. After that me and Ariel, my friend at the time, had told me. She told me that Madison was an evil little bitch, but I didnít believe her. Now, now I wish I did, I have the horrid scars to prove it. My facial scars are not that bad though, you can only see them if you are face to face with me, and you have to be close. One scarThis was about three yrs ago, but it is still fresh in my mind. Iíll tell you now, I am a fighter, and I will fight to the death. But there are some fights I cannot win...

Posted at 12:59 pm by lichy_hatuko
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