Entry: Story thinY> Jan 10, 2004

JJ jumped at my flying fist and held it tightly to her.
“No! It’s my turn you fool!” She jabbed a finger at herself. Her face was alight with self-hope.
“Aw gee JJ, he threw the insult at me!” I twisted into a horrible imitation of Jamalynn trying to fight; she was only about five-two, five-three ya’ know... She back-handed my neck in one fast but hard swipe.
“Gah’lord ya’ feather head!” I grabbed her hand as it swung at me from the other direction; before it embedded the long sharp cat-like nails into my skin.
“Shut-up! I’m not a freakin’ feather head!” She jerked away from me so hard she fell into the stable wall.
“We could fight like this all day JJ, but I will always be right!” I made a gesture at her that even made Billy flinch. I must have looked ridicules wandering off swinging my mud-clad legs, one in front of the other. I let my arms flail in odd directions as I sung.
“Hi-ho hi-ho! It’s of to clean I go!” I finally realized I was walking to the boys bathroom and froze in mid-step. Jamalynn had gotten up off the fact that I was being stupid because a boy was watching. She hadn’t gotten use to my got-to-show-off-in-front-of-boys thing... All girls have that disease.
Billy hadn’t gotten the I’m-leaving-now-and-so-will-you thing down, because he had decided my “accidentally”-going-over-to-the-boys-room thing as the sign: I like you, come fuck me!.
Oh my god! “Jerk Alert!” that was my favorite saying one of my favorite watch-with-ya’-crew movies: “The Goonies”! I threw my hands in the air and spun around.
“Oops!” I grinned, but it was a nervous grin. Oh so gross! The sweat practically made a waterfall on my face, neck, and back! Ewww! “Wrong bathroom!” I grinned stupidly again as Billy stood in dead silence right in front of me.
“Oh my god! Jamalynn seems to have let her prey go! Tsk tsk tsk!” She shamed herself and hustled to follow me. I tugged at her sleeve to let her know we were to turn the corner.
“Oh my god!-” I was bout to say “I just made a fool of myself” but then I noticed my ears in the puddle behind her, they were getting pointier! “Oh my god JJ! My ears!” I was completely horrified, my ears seemed to be growing as I watched. They inched skyward and my hair seemed to grow at an abnormal rate, it was almost at my waist now.
“Your ears?! My ears!” She tugged at her own, it looked as if they were almost to big for
her head. “I look like one’a Santa's little helpers!” She moaned, completely ignoring the string of curses escaping my mouth. But she was right, at least I looked good with Clay Aiken ears.
“This is something that cover-up can’t cover up!” I whined pitifully at the puddle hoping to get a response.
“Piercing, we will get more earrings... Yeah, that's it.” She was mortified and stressed.
“Poor kid” I thought aloud, “Lets go open the stupid shop.” I wasn’t to hyped about my ears getting bigger either, being the “beautiful” one. She on the other hand was the more “hot” one. As in guys thought she had the perfect-body-for-porn thing going on. I on the other hand, was the charmer, the calmer, the counselor.... GAWD MY LIFE SUCKS!
“Right,” she turned to follow me, but I hadn’t moved, “Owww! Move would ya?!” she rubbed her nose which had went straight into my elbow.
“Grrr... Shut up!” I growled at her my fists clenched. The bandanna she used to cover her mouth and nose while cleaning the stalls was hanging loose around her neck. “Listen,” I said grabbing her by the bandanna. “over there.” I pointed towards Billy’s horses’ stall.
Short soft whinnies came from the stall, and then a loud gun-shot.
“Holly Jesus fucking a peanut!” I screamed holding my chest as if it was going to fall off.
“Watch your mouth!” Came a yell from the stall, Billy emerged holding a short black fire-arm and one of his I-think-you-know-what-I-want grins.
“Shove it horse killer!” JJ let go with one of her not-so-violent swipes of verbal abuse.
I shoved my hands deep into my pockets wishing I could go crawl in a hole and die.
“What you need now cowboy? I don’t have all day.” I swept my gaze over his shoulder and to the stall door. The only other horses there yet were JJ’s and mine. He shrugged in response letting the I-think-you-know-what-I-want grin fade into his naturally and beautifully tanned skin.
“Maybe, skank-la-ho, he wants you to fuck him on his dead horse?” Jamalynn suggested with an you-know-I’m-better-than-you-so-why-try-harder looks. I brought my hand down hard on her shoulder with a scowl to match and steered her away from the stables.
Living with this girl was complete hell, having our own house and all. I mean we moved down here at eighteen when things at home became to hairy... As in “Get out’a here you freaks! You and your big ears!” yeah, like I said, CLAY AIKEN EARS! We moved down to Good ol’ Texas, it was JJ’s idea, her having family down here and all.
“What was that? WHAT WAS THAT?!” I was pretty much shaking with anticipation and dripping with stinky sweat.
“What was what Princess Pump-me-up?” She had already tried to shake my hand off and now she was digging her nails into the soft, silky, skin on the back of my hand. I let go and held my scratched hand, my eyes were narrowed at her, but i couldn’t say I was furious, although I looked it.
“Don’t try to deny it kiddo’ you like him, you want to fuck him... So just do it!” She glared right back at me, then she pulled on her dark glasses she got from her boyfriend Nayt. The dark red rims and ash-red lenses made her ears look smaller, I think that's why she wore them in public, all the time.
“I... I won’t say! I swear to- I do ok? I want to fuck him! but not now!” I said under my breath, which was coming in short painful swallows.
“Ha! I knew it! I knew it!” She tossed her ash-hair and smiled sinfully.
“Your such a loser!” I shot at her as she started to pull me towards the privacy of the convey. She shook her head and eyed me with half the satisfaction she was looking for.
“You,” she started, “are so busted!” She opened the door and shoved me inside.
“Oh?” I raised my off-black eyebrows at her. “Really? And just how, may I ask, are you going to “bust” me?” I picked up my favorite black brush and ran it through my hair. Stopping every now and then to wave it in her direction, to emphasize my point. All I really wanted to do was crawl into bed and sleep my life away. But we still had the stupid tattoo shop to open, and the stupid appointments to attend.
Billy obviously got the point and wandered off to find something else to do. And just what he was doing, we don’t want to know. Besides the fact that Billy wasn’t and isn’t me true crush, well the rest at the time was for me to know. me and JJ had been fighting off our true identities for a while, it was so embarrassing, and not just the whole we-have-Clay-Aiken-ears thing either.
It was the fact everyone seemed to know that when I cried so did the sky, and then! If I was mad I could make water boil, make it get as roused and wavy, make it cold, make it freeze! Or I could make it snow! I am a freaky ass person let me tell you now! Oh! And Jamalynn! She can create fire! Well I can make water an ice so what!? She could heat things up faster than a Pam Anderson porn video! And that's intense, according to my buddy Elliott.
Yeah so at that time all the stress building up and the emotions becoming over powering... I was overdue for a break-down. Tears just seemed to come out of nowhere, my eyes were so full, I couldn’t see properly.
“J-j-jame, get the phone p-please.” I refused to look at her so I just stared at what looked like the floor.
“Yeah, whatever.” Jamalynn grabbed the receiver and handed it to me. I shook my head and spat out the words.
“I say, you dial.” I lifted my head, “N-nine zero s-seven, f-five eight s-seven, four two four two.” I sobbed into my hands as JJ put the receiver to my ear. I was longing to hear Vee’s voice again.
“Hello?” Some guy’s voice cracked through the receiver.
“H-hello,” I croaked back at him, “is Vee Oro there?” I sobbed that time. I sounded like a dying, a dying whatever! But I sounded sickly I’ll tell you now!
“Oh my, yes ma’am? Here she is, oh and sweet’ums it’s Vee James now.” The voice sounded horrified by my messing up her name and rejected me then and there.
“Hello,” Oh my! Her voice was so soothing! On the line that we hadn’t talked in over a year and I already had a kid.
“Oh! Oh my god! Vee! It’s me! It’s Tiey!” I was never more excited in my entire life than that moment there. Well except when I gave birth to Joey, but that will be explained later. JJ off in the next room of the art crowded convey was dressing lil’ Joey.
“Oh my god! Oh my fucking god! NO FUCKING WAY?! It can’t be you can it? Oh my Tiey! So much to say!”
I couldn’t wait, so I cut her short.
“Vee. You have to come see me! I’ll help pay for the tickets! Please come down!” I twisted the cord around my fingers.
“To where?” Vee wanted to know.
“To Texas.” I held out an arm to my three yr old.
“Texas? Me and Brian? To Texas?” Vee sounded thrilled but tired.
“Brian?!” I pretty much screamed making Joey skitter from my lap to the seat next to me scowling.
“Yeah. We are married. But he can pay for himself, he has enough money. I can pay half for me and he can pay the other, we just need housing.”
Again, I cut her short.
“Got it, ok then! You fly tomorrow!” I was so pleased with myself for that, the way I convinced her. I could hear her getting impatient with me on the other end.
“No, not tomorrow, next week on Monday. Ok? I’m so sorry but I have to dump my dog with Peter.”
I sighed all of a sudden crying again.
“B-but Vee! I need you here with me!” I sobbed into the phone. Vee seemed to take this a little to seriously and Joey cried out.
“Mommy! You’re crying!”
“O’my fucking god, Jesus, Mary, Joseph! Tiey! You have a baby boy?! Damn you! I’ll be down Saturday morning!” I could hear her in the background screaming at Brian to drop the dog of with her brother Peter and to pack their stuff.
“Tiey tell your baby Auntie Vee is coming to visit!” It sounded as if she was squeezing the phone, because a bunch of cracking noises followed by cursing came in full ear shot.
“It’s.... Thursday, oh yeah. Ok Vee? Stop hugging the phone and get the tickets.” But then she wouldn’t let me finish.
“I’m on it babe!” I could hear massive click-age going on in the background as she hooked herself up with some tickets over the internet.
“Oh baby! I’m hooked up!” I heard the squeaking of wheels on her floor and then a sound of a motor starting up.
“Ok sweetheart, my trucks warming up I have a few things to get down, ok? I will get there as soon as possible!” My crying had ceased and I was able to respond to her fast reaction to Joey.
“Y-yeah, ok Vee. Tell Brian I said hey. Oh and uh, do you have any kids?” I sounded so tired and so grumpy with that Joey gave me the you-don’t-want-me-anymore look and squirmed into my arms pressing his face into my chest.
“Oh no! Not yet I’m due in two weeks though.”
My heart jumped into my throat.
“Oh my god! I’ll be a friggin’ auntie! yes!” I held Joey close to me and stood up.
“I have to go Vee, I love you.”
“Love you too girl! Be good and scam some hunks sweetie. Bye.”
“Bye.” I replied so fast I choked on it. Bye? What was “bye” about? I was going to see her on Saturday! I hung up and cradled Joey in my arms.
“Love you Joey.”
“Mommy.” That was all Joey said, that was all I wanted, and all that I needed...


“Auntie Vee!” Joey jumped up and down trying to see. I raised him up onto my shoulders and shoved his Hatuko-san doll into my backpack.
“Oh, here she comes Joey-san.” I picked up his Naota doll off the floor of the airport and held it tightly as Vee strolled into the waiting room.
“Oh my god! Vee!” I grabbed Joey and let him squirm out of my hands to go hug his Auntie.
“Oh! Is this the little rascal?” She lifted him up and cradled him.
“Yup Vee, this is little Joey-san!” Joey was straining to grab Brian’s hair and torture him. Joey hated not being the bad-center of attention.
“Auntie Vee! Auntie Vee, look what I can do!” I cradled the Naota figurine and watched my baby boy do a head stand with Uncle Brian’s steady hand.
“Joey Skylar pick up your toys!” I just remembered the stuff we dumped with Auntie Jamalynn; who he called Auntie Jame.
“Uh-oh! Does my little man have some cleaning to do?” Vee chimed in winking at me. She swatted his but gently as Uncle Brian swung Joey over his shoulder in a playful way.
“Mommy, Auntie Jame said she was going to take us out today! She said it was going to be a blast!” Joey smiled showing his three-yr old sparkles. Vee threw me a homely look, the way she always did when she was pleased with me. I smiled back with full satisfaction.
Joey wasn’t a bad kid, but he was obsessive let me tell you. He was always bent on getting what he wanted, such as his anime fetish was out of my wallet. He loved his anime, and he was only three.
His father Andy, left me after he found it was a son. I knew Andy wasn’t that kind of person though, the fact he wanted a son anyway. I think the thing was is that his son had elf-like ears that looked quit batty on him, liter`ally.
I had driven the Camaro I had sworn to get after I finished a third year of Marine Boot Camp. It was long sleek and black, it ha`d a dark red leather interior. Oh, by Joey it was “booty-full!”. He was quit the little speaker he w`as. The plate was as cool as the car itself, it read: BLDYNYT. Of course it was bloody nigh``t, oh it was sweet!
Jamalynn on the other hand drove t`he convey down to the airport so I didn’t have to try to pack everyone into the Camaro. Brian lugged the suitcases into the convey as JJ stood at the doorway completely disgusted.
“Brian? Brian James?” Her usually pretty face was twisted into a sick grimace. She shook her head.
“Hold your tongue Jamalynn Kara! Who are you living with?” I threw a sharp warning glance over my shoulder and set Joey in his car seat.
“Oh god Tiey, don’t start!” She whined at me, as I handed Naota and Hatuko-san to Joey.
“There you are my little Prince Joey-san!” I patted his leg and kissed his forehead.
“Fine!” JJ stomped up the stairs of the convey and I guess she took a nap or something. I threw the convey keys at Brian.
“Here you go, follow me.” I hopped into the drivers seat and patted the one next to me.
“Here you go momma!” I smiled at Vee and turned on the music. Vee studied my car with fascination and then slipped in next to me.
“Ok, lets drop of the stuff at the house, then go shopping!” I turned the motor over and squealed out of the parking lot.
Joey dragged his Auntie Vee down the toy aisle of K-Mart and snatched up a stuffed Oni.
“See Auntie Vee?! See?! I told you he was cool!” Joey jumped up and down shoving the ugly blue skinned, and horn and wart covered creature in her face.
“Yes darling, Auntie Vee sees it.” I scooped up my baby and carried him to the next aisle of more friendly beasts. I stopped in front of my own hero action figures and picked out a Vash doll.
“No this. This! This is it!” I handed it over to Vee who whistled.
“Love to take him to bed!” She handed it to Jamalynn who gawked at us. “Aw c’mmon JJ!” Vee cooed at her.
“Oh, your right! he is a little cute!” She grabbed the Vash doll and stuffed it in the cart, with a foolish grin on her face. I let Joey down as he squirmed for the Fruits Basket rack. I watched him pick out two more toy figures of his favorite anime whiles his Auntie and JJ shriveled up into a conversation.
I had always wanted a baby boy, and I got one. His father Aaron Scalzo, was twenty when he found out he had a baby boy. I wasn’t about to let him leave me, but somehow he got away. I never had another love in my life since then, crushes yes, but love, oh no. Never. Joey was my one and only love, in my family anyway, my sister moved away, my mother was dead, and my father was somewhere I just needed to find him, and my step-dad? I wanted not to do with him.
Anyway as far as Joey’s father goes, I hope he dies a slow and painful death.
As I sauntered on down the aisle I watched my baby skitter about touching and grabbing at all the toys. “Anyone you want querida.” I called out to my boy. The store, quit long for itself, if you know what I mean; a bit too long and too wide for a normal store made the toy aisle next to the double doors of K-mart. That my friends will help you understand how scared I was when the next thing happened.
The door bell tinkered as a small scrawny teen boy; about fifteen-sixteen, entered the K-mart store in one of the largest malls in America. His long bluish-silver tipped black hair spiked up. He stared at me, but then I understood why he had a faraway look in his bright silver eyes, he wasn’t looking at me, but past me.
He was starring at Joey.
I looked at the boy then at Joey, I was uncertain what to do, but put as much distance in between the creep and my baby. The boy had noticed my starring and slid on his silver rimmed and black lenses. A chill ran up and down my spine as he took a step closer to the aisle, my first intention was to swipe at him; but something inside urged me not to. A sneer crossed his unnaturally pale face as he spoke to me.
“Yes? What are you looking for?” His right hand had remained deep inside his trench coat pockets, it was a beautiful black and silver leather trench coat and inside was his lethal weapon of choice.


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