Entry: Salve cara signora/signores! Feb 27, 2004

Salve cara signora/signores!
Welcome to:
Angelo Palazzo!
(Damn I wish I had some caffe)
Scusi for any unwelcome language grazie!

I’M SO SURE YOU MISSED ME CARAS! It has been awhile since your Dottore Angelo has posted!
I swear the rat I meet while I was stranded on the Isola Of Despair was THIS big! *holds out arms as far as they could go* Anyway I named him Prosper Perri.

So come down my Gold Fondamenta Calle of Pazienza and hear me bitch! Bitch about my mom, school, my rat, my grades, my dad, my writing, my “Wanna-be-band”, my sister, my friends, my “Wanna-be-Boyfriend”, my step-dad, and ME! Si I’m going to hand it all to you in one big sacca!

1 Ponte Called Avanti
(I swear, when I die I’m going to: “Basilica of lies”!)

Buongiorno/buonasera/buonanotte! I’m sure you know how it is to be told what to do. I know I have always had a problem with authority (Mostly the carabiniere. I‘m surprised my mom hasn‘t kicked me out of the casa). When they tell me I can’t or shouldn’t do something, it makes me want to do it. And then when I figure out I’m wrong and they were right... It REALLY pisses me off, so I do it again, and again, and again. Until I find something worse to do. Pronto!
I’ve been told and told again, that guys HATE bold girls. They want the chicken chests‘, snappy waists‘, no minded, blunt butted, fake faced, painted bricocola/briccole. My mom always told me “If I was choosing breeding stalk, would I choose the chicken chested cow with bony weak-ass hips? Or the broad chested, wide shouldered, strong hipped heifer to my right?” And she would always point to me. But I always thought, “Am I a cow, or what?”. I felt like a freaking steak! I specimen being examined!
What is wrong with a girl saying what she thinks? Sure I can be considered a loud mouthed, bitchy-ass, boy playing, psychopathic, murderous, sadist, but I just consider myself..... All of the above and a little more! Over protective, boy obsessive, cute, blood thirsty, benissimo, basta, I lack pazienza, va bene, and my mind is: vietato l’ingresso.
If there is anything I missed }{PLEASE}{ tell me!
I’m going back to reality now, so you better say “buonritorno angelo!”


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