Entry: I believe... In our power.... Jan 8, 2004

To those of you who know what I'm talking about. take charge those boys need to be put in their place! I have been raped, I am sexualy harrassed all the time. I have been cursed with a suductive attitude and looks. Lucky me huh? Well girls, TAKE CHARGE. I know I am sick of being pushed around by the opposite sex! My last boyfriend, he knocked me around quite a bit. And I got sick of it, so I hit him back..... THAT IS NOT A GOOD IDEA! Especially if you are smaller than he is. I didn't get anything back though, because my buddy Alex jumped him and beat the living sh** out of him. Girls, rise up and leave 'em if they want to hurt you.... They will.... Be carefull what you do to them. A lot of girls use their looks to get what they want, don't get me wrong, it works! But don't think to lightly of it. It WILL come back to haunt you, IF you take it too far. I did once, and he corrupted my already dirty mind. I'm a punk, yeah, but I DO care about them. Once I was REALLY good friends with this guy, Brandon, and I took it too far. I ruined his life, by taking something I didn't intend to. That was when I switched from "Hot-bitchy-goth to cute-cuddly-christian" says Brandon. We are still good friends, and we still get together on occasions. G2G l8er....


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