Megiddo » Actually... Oly has been gone for the past ever... ( just look at the date of the last post! )
the one and onlydave » whao I posted that like six monthes ago. nobody says anything on your tagboard
the one and onlydave » Trigun does rock but I have to say I prefer cowboy bebop spike and vicious are just far too cool
Megiddo » um... Oly, that wasn't from me...
Brett » U R Hot
Megiddo » I wish you would be on YAIM more....
me » go ahead and love everybody but just know that not everybody loves you... in fact, its just the opposite
taryn » nice blog
Noelle » Chaucer is aweskum. The Canterbury tales are cool.
hatuko&rickenbacker » boo
hatuko&rickenbacker » k
jackie » hiya -- just wanted to let ya know i came, and saw your blog, and ish cute -- read mine? :X
hatuko&rickenbacker » .......
invisible » hello hello....
cross » whoop, sorry bout the faux link
cross » vash is amazing! thanks for recommending! Im checking out flcl next
Mark » ....You should really converse more. Or get on Blogdrive again. -belch-
michaelkanye » yeah
Hatuko&R » Yupers! ^^
the one and onlydave » hey you like trigun huh?
Hatuko&R » Thanks Monica
monica » cute i love it
cross » I want to watch anime series! Ive only seen a handful. can you recommend any?
Hatuko » U did not
Hatuko » l8er
Hatuko » n/m
Hatuko » I mean like more than friends... Well... At least I do anyway...
Hatuko » Like eachother I mean...
Megiddo » I don't take it quite that far...
Hatuko » That we do?
Hatuko » Is it bad?
Megiddo » what do you mean?
Hatuko » Is it?
Hatuko » I dunno if its a good thing though...
Hatuko » U do?
Megiddo » yes
Megiddo » *hugs her* yes?
Hatuko » Do u? Are u pining(sp?) for me?
Hatuko » Last night.. When u asked me that ?
Hatuko » Ok
Hatuko » *cuddles*
Megiddo » yes?
Hatuko » Brett?
D'Mack » hmm kinda sucks....
mary rose » Nice blog
lynne »
vanillafan » Hi! 'Bye!'re it.
Hatuko&Rickenbacker » Thanks Lauren!
Lauren » I like the layout & pics. You have a great blog
Hatuko&Rickenbacker » Didn't know! ^^
Hatuko&Rickenbacker » Damien! ^^
GenesisAE » Circles.. circles.. lol
GenesisAE » And big.. well you know size is everything
GenesisAE » That much closer to nekkid
lynne » cool,your header pic is so big!lol,you are not insane
Hatuko&Rickenbacker » Thanks boys! Nice to hear from u! ^^
GenesisAE » Rocka your socks of mhmm!
GenesisAE » Checking your blog as requested and hello to you!
Hakan » Thank you for your nice comments on my blog, I also agree that you should add some pictures, maybe of you? Take Care!
princess » great blog. Add a few colors and pics
Mr.Frodo » Hey H&R this is your Joey you vanished and I thought I would come here and see if you were here.See you later. Luv you.
Hatuko&Rickenbacker » thanks for the tag ppl!
Hatuko&Rickenbacker » SEXAY! ^^
Hatuko&Rickenbacker » *grins* I am so.......
usagi » hey Hatuko your blog rocks!!! we have so much in common man! Except some of the bands I like. ^^hehe
Heathcliff » HR! My FRIEND and DANCE PARTNER
LGSephiroth » Omg. You like Vash! *dies*
MegiddosGirl » lalalalala! ^^
Hatuko&Rickenbacker » thanks Monica
monica » this is real cute i think it's off tha chain
Janessa » how r u so cool? lol
Mr.Frodo » Now that I remember you the only way you is if you talk to me first I don't want to cause any problems sorry I've hurt you in the past. Have a happy new year.
~*SeXy BeAsT*~ » hey i luv ur header its really cool. u seem 2 like typing a lot. thats cool... so i guess ill ttyl! bye
MegiddosGirl » Thanks for the complements guys! ^^
MegiddosGirl » Thanks for the complements guys! ^^
wailfulrhyme » ur header is sweet! did i ever tell you that? cuz it is! hehe happy mew year!
Iamsiam » You think so eh?
MegiddosGirl » tnx Ika
ika_sclub » nice cartoon
Megiddo'sGirl:Hatuko » TNX Megiddo
Megiddo » I love your poetry!
Mark » Very nice blog layout. Quite a few words. Obviously well written. Makes me eye hurt. Just checking to see if you did any actual writing
deathangel13 » well...its very long and mucho confusin....but i wuvers furikuri and dominic m!!! ^_^
Little Hobbit » Nice bloggie. (V)e Likie!
Megiddo'sGirl:Hatuko » Pft! Thanks!
Rap Master D » this is way to much reading for rap master D
Hatuko&Rickenbacker » ..............
monica » i really like it i think it's cool
Megiddo » wow! thats a lot of stuff to post in one day!
hmm » hmm
-1what » hi
lilmama » oye mean hey
lilmama » oye
Hatuko&Rickenbacker » It's so cool!
lilmama » oye
Juliet » impressssive
heathcliff » HR...My dancing partner!!! what goes on?
lynne » are you a newbie?nice to meet you!post new entry,plz
vanillafan » ahem..Chad Kroeger..that is.